How to Activate AVG Antivirus on Your Device?

Who doesn’t want their PC to get protected for few pennies? The foremost thought that affixes the user’s mind is what will happen if the virus attacks the system. This dilemma can resort to a drive once you activate AVG to the system. It is a promise of the security software that it can protect the system to a large extent from blocking the infectious sites and preventing it from the hackers.


Put your queries and ask any antivirus related question from our technicians at AVG Contact Support and providing the instant fixation is our agenda. Know how to activate it with the help of our support team in the following manner:-


1. Open your PC after logging as an administrator. 


2. Get the access to a web browser and in the search engine on the top, jot down the link of the antivirus to go to its main site.


3. If directed to the website, you can opt for the link of my account and then type in the email-id and the pass code which you entered at the time of registering for the software. 


4. Haven’t purchased an account yet? Go to the link of signing up just beneath the sign-in page indicated with the representation of “Don’t have an account? Create an AVG MyAccount.


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How to Temporarily Turn Off AVG Security?

The antivirus program installed on your PC might be the reason why you are not able to download or install an application or having difficulties while connecting to the Internet in order to download certain programs such as games, updates and other important application. To this end, it is necessary to temporarily disable or turn off AVG protection.

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How To Disable The AVG Free Antivirus 2017 Without Uninstalling The Software

AVG Free is the mini version of the AVG antivirus 2017 program which is available for free of cost. AVG resistant shield is included in the free version of the antivirus which is used to protect the system from the incoming virus and threats. The free version of the software contains the AVG E-mail Scanner too, which is used to locate the threats in your emails. You can easily disable both the features from the free version of the software without uninstalling the software from the system.

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How To Silent-Install The AVG Antivirus 2017 Using The DOS Command

AVG antivirus is popular software which provides the free and paid services to its customers. It has a unique and advanced threat detection technology which helps your system to fight against the malware and virus attacks. This program runs smoothly on the windows operating system. You can simply install the antivirus by using the traditional method of downloading the software from the official website of the AVG and then installing it on the system. Apart from installing the software from CD or downloading from the website, the software can be silently installed on your system using the DOS command line invocation of the command line options available for use with the antivirus.


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How to Turn Off AVG Pop-Up Blocker

AVG antivirus is the most renowned antivirus software that especially developed with the aim to provide you the extra protection against various malware, viruses and other harmful threats. It frequently keeps on warning you about new virus and threats by popping up. These pop-ups are quite useful as it inform you about harmful threats. But sometimes too much pop-up may also distract you from your current work. At AVG support, we have provided you few step by step instructions to turn off the AVG Pop-Up Blocker. These steps are thoroughly written by our highly talented technical experts.

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